How to use k tbl?


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  • Janet I Rivera

    I was able to find Working with Text Input and Implicit/explicit repeats on this site and determined that the only stitches that don't require angle brackets or brackets to calculate multiples are the knit or purl stitches.

    I changed all my Ktbl2 and ktbl3 to [ktbl] x 2 or [ktbl] x 3 etc. and now the Outline is showing the correct count per round. 

    I noticed that k2, p2, k3, p3 do not have to be in brackets to multiply the value. 

    If this is incorrect, can you please point me to the correct document so that I can learn how to input different types of stitches.  Unfortunately, help is not working in the updated version for me.  Thank you for providing so many videos in YouTube and the information on the web.

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